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Welcome ...

Located in Days Creek, Oregon, we are a small business with over 30 years of computer troubleshooting and repair experience. We bring to you our commitment for quality work without the steep prices of the larger, less personal companies. Unfortunately, many things can go wrong with your Windows PC, or you may just need help on upgrading programs, or buying a new system. We cover a wide range of repair and services.
Why our fees are so low ... Simply stated, we don’t believe that the industry standard is fair to the average consumer. In an economy where the income disparity is widening, it leaves most of us struggling to make ends meet. Since computers have become almost a necessity to navigating in our society, when a computer has a problem, you are left with very few choices: pay large fees, get a new computer, or give up the computer. We don’t want to be part of your problem … we want to be part of your solution. That is one reason why we do not charge more than the initial fee if we cannot fix the problem, no matter how many hours are spent working on the computer. We are community-oriented and firmly believe that everyone should have access to affordable services. ‘Nuff said ^_^  
Our Rates

$35 for the first hour.

$25/hr for additional hours.

Computer Service & Repair

Complete hardware diagnostics. Virus / malware detection and removal. Computer hardware and software upgrades: Memory, hard drives, portable drives, card readers, displays (video cards and monitors), printers, operating systems, antivirus, backup systems and more. System optimization and performance tune-up. New computer installation and setup. File migration from old an computer to a new one.

**CLOSED for business, as of December 31, 2022

Thank you to our customers for the all trust and support.